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April 29, 2014

Helping those in need may not be everyone’s first instinct… but it should be – it’s the sunnah of our prophet (saw).

A simple act of kindness occurred on a bus in Canada that is inspiring thousands online. A man, possibly homeless, was sitting on the bus while wearing two plastic hairnets on his feet instead of shoes.
Another person saw his fellow passenger’s plight. Instead of leaving the other man be, he decided to step in to help him out.

He approached the man, gave him his socks and shoes and said, “You can take these, don’t worry about me — I live close by and can walk.”



Then, without another word, he got off of the bus.


The bus driver, Surjit Singh Virk, had never seen an act of kindness like this before. The bus passenger who gave up his shoes was a 27 year-old, just wanting to help his fellow man.

When asked about his decision to give away his shoes, his reply was simple. He lived close to the bus stop and he felt bad for the man without shoes… so he wanted to help.


The best form of dawah is through action, and not by speech.  May Allah reward this brother for his kind act.


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