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March 15, 2014

This 3200 Year Old Tree Is So Huge It’s Never Been Captured In A Single Image…Until Now


It takes a special kind of tree to have a nickname.  ”The President” is one of those trees. The giant sequoia stands 247 feet tall and is an estimated 3,200 years old.




The trunk measures 27 feet across, and between the base and the highest peak, there are an estimated two billion needles.

Until now, the tree had never been photographed in its entirety. A team of photographers from National Geographic worked with scientists from California’s Sequoia National Park to try to be the first.

It took an intricate set of pulleys and levers to scale the tree, which one scientist argues is the largest in the world (if you take into account width).

Source: YouTube


After stitching together 126 separate photos, we are left with this mind-blowing portrait of The President.


Source: National Geographic


To see how it was done, check out this video:



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