Muslim Hijab Draws Attention at Oscars

March 6, 2014

CAIRO – A young Muslim woman donning Islamic headscarf and modest dress has attracted camera lights at the Oscars academy awards ceremony last Sunday, reported on Wednesday, March 6. Appearing on the red carpet, Zainab Abdul-Nabi, a student at Screen Arts and Cultures University of Michigan, faced huge applause from attendants. She was among six college students selected nationwide to join “Team Oscar”. The young American Muslim made it ...

Did Prophet Muhammad kill 700 Jews?

March 6, 2014

This is perhaps one of the most common contemporary allegations levied against Prophet Muhammad (saw). It is also one of the most spurious. This event occurred after the largest battle ever held on Arabian soil in Medina during Prophet Muhammad’s life (saw). The Confederate Army comprised of no less than 12,000 soldiers while the Muslims barricaded themselves in Medina, along with their sworn allies—per the Charter of Medina—numbering roughly a ...

Right place, right time

March 6, 2014

Taking a once in a lifetime photograph is something just about everyone tries to get at some point in time. Sometimes it takes years, and other times you’re just in the right place at the right time. These photos mostly consist of the latter. Right place, right time, perfect photo. These are great                    

Amazing 100 year old photos of Muslims in glorious color

March 2, 2014

(Above photo: Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara – date: 1911 ) Given how many historical photos are video are shot in black and white, many of us can forget that the past was also in full color – we just don’t get to see it. However, these photos of Muslims mostly taken in Uzbekistan in the beginning of the 20th century by photographer Sergey Prokudin Gorsky give us a rare glimpse ...